Back in business

106 apple honey muffins


For the past few weeks I was asked numerous times, if I planned to write something for MC anytime soon, and I always answered yes, but I ending up needing some more time. Some sad, and hard things happened in the past few weeks that caused me to not be my usual cheerful self. Cookies and I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything and we just focused on being together, and mourning our beloved Kakuniu… We still do.

During those weeks I was so uninspired that I cooked bare necessities and nothing new or fancy. Yesterday, when Cookies went to work I just thought I would like to do something more than browsing through DMA on Chive (funny how much comfort it can provide).  I had already dinner prepared, so I thought maybe I'll bake something yummy… so as usual, I started looking at my pantry's shelves and thought I have everything needed for muffins. Wanted chocolate muffins but didn't have chocolate…(didn't want to go buy it either! 0_o) then decided on doing a new version with apples, cranberries and honey.

The end result gave me those soft and gooey vanilla scented muffins that made the wounded spirit cheerful for the whole evening.


Dads Greek Fish

105 dads greek fish

I was asked nicely today by our friend “Tom” 😀 to post something today. I looked into my stash of pictures and found this awesome meal that I learned to do from my Dad. It’s fish under the blanket of veggies. Even if it’s called greek fish, it’s as much Greek as Russian pierogi (with potatoes and cheese) or Italian salad (vegetable salad I posted in the beginning of my blogging).

It’s an easy dish to make, but the actual preparation take’s a good amount of time, because the whole secret of this dish being spectacular is the way you prepare veggies. If you shred them… the dish will be okay but mush. The secret is to cut all the veggies into match size sticks. I think its called julienne? there is also second solution – buying a shredder which can do that. My Dad has one and his preparation takes 15 minutes ;-). I bet if you are skilled cutter you can cut it in the same amount of time, but I’m quite clumsy, so it took me 40 min and ended with pain in my right wrist. Cookies actually loves it so it was worth it! 0_o Can’t believe I just said that 0_o. With cutting it into the match stick size you will get the perfect texture and will be able to taste a variation of flavours, and avoid mixing everything in a unappetizing pulp.


Tato, dzięki za przepis i każdą okazję kiedy smażyłam rybę razem z Tobą  😉


Unintended diletto

104 calzone 104 calzone1

A couple weeks ago Cookies was moaning for pizza, but I just was a little tired of the same old ingredients over and over again. Standing over the cutting board with piece of bacon, onion and cheese I was thinking, what I can do… pizza shitzza… started cutting things and just let it flow, thinking where will I end up… happened it was something similar to real calzone. I actually didn’t aim for it, nor looking for any recipes. Cookies called it that way when I served it.

It happened that my thoughtless cutting and mixing ended up really good. This time just made it smaller, cutting the dough in 4 portions instead of two. Cookies may have nice lunch for tomorrow. He always say that the best dinner is the one that will feed him next day for lunch 😉 He is hardcore on not eating salads and other normal stuff… well don’t get me wrong – I mean it’s normal for me 😛

Today, I prepared different stuffing with ham and mushrooms, and this all ended with aromatic calzone with delicious insides. If you are interested, the recipe for pizza dough you will find here.

Lazy kluski for lazy afternoon

105 lazy kluski

Today is the first post after succesfuly migrating for our new 3 year home. If the service is on the same excellent level it’s sure that we’ll stay there with all our projects. I can absolutely recommend I never ever had such a pleasure to have a technical problem before. The customer service in Namecheap is on the level that is hard to find anywhere in the world.

So lets try to post – today something for us lazy cooks. This meal is my 4th favourite since I was a kid. My Mom was making it when she was tired of us demanding cabbage 0_o. Some like it with dry additives like bread crumbs fried with butter or sour cream, but I like it sweet and with strong aroma of cinnamon and Cookies tolerates it with cinnamon mostly… and sugar, depends on his current mood. Usually he makes faces when I propose, we eat this meal, but he knows I love it so he agrees most of the time. Unfortunately lazy kluski aren’t very diet – I even tried to prepare it with whole grain flour but to my dismay and disappointment it was LITERALLY ATROCIOUS! Or i did something wrong… Nonetheless I don’t make it too often, but I think I will just make it tomorrow – just writing about it makes me hungry 😛

Recipe is not complicated at all… just if you don’t feel like grinding cream cheese – don’t do it. Make sure though that its as smooth as possible (damn I do it all the time, who would clean grinder 0_o).

Satay Variation

100 thai inspired chix

Yesterday, as we were debating over who is cooking so much, Cookies said, he wishes we had a good asian restaurant in the neighbourhood, cos he feels for egg rolls and sweet & sour chix… Unfortunately we don’t have even one. There are 5 or 6 places offering asian cuisine but none of them is actually edible. I think we got spoiled by Green Dragon  ;P awesome food. Our debate reminded me that I haven't post anything oriental for very long time. So I started browsing my archives and I found a picture of my variation on Beef Satay.

As usual the recipe was easy, but when I started cooking I found out that I didn’t have skewers 0_o, so couldn't make it the exact way. My first thought was: dang no dinner today 0_o he will be moaning again, OK I have to do something to SHUT HIM UP! Though after hitting my head on the ledge for about 5 minutes I decided I will “variate” the recipe so it will fit what I have, why that took 5 minutes you ask, well I was knocked silly from hitting my damn head on the ledge, DUH. 0_o When I cooked and, I tried it I was again in great distress, cos when I tried it… it was at least a bit weird 0_o. though telling you, I thought it will be another spectacular disaster… but in the end… read Cookies comment :D.