Almost guilt free tiramisu

110 tiramisu1

What is your favorite dessert? Except ice cream of course 0_o and chocolate… Cookies favourite is potato chips, is that even a dessert? he’s REALLY weird so lets just play along with him 0_o, he has denied himself chippies for last 10 months (due to his getting into shape gimmick)… My all time favorite dessert is tiramisu. Though, funny thing is that I never made one, as I’ve always ate either a bought one, or made by someone else. This time I found a really easy and simple recipe, that I adapted for my non guilt dessert style (just don’t pay attention to the cream 0_o) – I lost 7kg lately and I would like to keep it going down ;-). So, try to find sponge cakes that are sugar free and gluten free etc. I found one sugar free, 3-4 per cup won’t kill us 0_o Well, at least I hope so…

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