Feast survival snack

99 smoked chicken mango salad

How was your Christmas? Did you traditionally over ate Mom’s prepared goodies? There is nothing better than my Mom’s pierogi with sour kraut and wild mushrooms… Though this year I can proudly state: I didn’t overeat… probably only cos I caught some nasty virus on Xmas Eve… Actually Cookies job – he was sick for previous week and this got him out safely from celebrating what he loves to call “Evil Xmas…”  Anyhow, I haven't been cooking much lately, mostly baking – as I learned a recipe for the perfect banana bread and after the 5th time I can call myself officially the “Banana Bread Goddess” and I also, created a new recipe for little cheesecakes and yeah, I mastered the muffins recipe… Jeez Louise! It sounds like I was bunkered in the kitchen! Thankfully it was fun 😉 And I invented today, quite nice recipe for a weird 2 layer cheesecake… Will share next time when I will perfect it.

Today I want to share simple recipe for tasty light after feast snack – the next day like – I’m guilty of eating 43 pierogies and whole turkey leg 0_o. It will be Cookies Nemezis – evil SAAAAALAD.

Very easy – as usual – very tasty – as usual – very light – as most of the time 😀


The Hottest Day 0_o

89 strawberry ice cream

Well, today is the hottest day this summer and I surely hope the last one. I just simply despise heat! I wanted to cool down so much I couldn’t find myself a place until I got home 😛 Yes, we invested into AC, few months before and I’m damn happy! 36C (97F) outside and a nice mellow 21C (70F) inside!!! When the heat pours so strong from the sky, I can only think about ice cream… My favourite is Big Milk from Algida… cos it reminds me of my childhood favourite BAMBINO – mmmmhhh vanilla cream… But but but… no creamy ice cream from the store cos they contain tons of white sugar, which really I try to avoid. Some time ago, I posted awesome goey diet banana ice cream… couldn't believe it was so tasty and so guilt free… This time I didn't have bananas, so I raided my freezer and I found a pound bag of frozen strawberries… yummy! I thought and left if for 20 minutes on the counter. Did some boring chores, like loading washer and re-arranging pantry shelves then came back and just made my huge portion of cold strawberry delight.


Never Boring Stuffing…

88 turkey rolls

I believe I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like stuffing meat… Today I wanted to share with you recipe that has neverending possibility to evolve in texture and flavour. And it was my first stuffed meat dish I prepared out of sheer boredom of eating cutlets and meatballs with the Mullen Household Salad 0_o.

Definitely it was Sunday, cos the meal needs some work, and I don’t work hard on meals on workdays, I simply don’t feel like it 0_o I had a slab of turkey breast and really didn’t have a freaking clue what to do… Almost started crying on the thought of another cutlet/schnitzel meal.

I was trying to figure out what to make, took a bottle of wine out and thought if it won’t help at least I can get drunk 0_o But actually in the middle of the first glass I got enlightened… I started reminiscencing about past meals my Mom and Granny cooked for us… I remembered Granny’s pork rolls stuffed with bacon and sour cucumber and thought why not stuff my turkey with something. Weeee, even found small spits to make sure the rolls won’t fall apart.

But now what to stuff it with hmmmz thats a tough question… I rummaged the fridge and come out with mushrooms and cheese, weeeee we will have mushroom and cheese stuffed turkey rolls 😉

Light Snack or Dessert

77 sweet fruit snack


Probably I mention that Cookies often comes back very late from work and unfortunately he doesn’t believe into eating before he goes so his last meal is very late. And since one of the rules in The Mullen Household is to eat at least one meal a day together I mostly wait with my meal until he comes back.

I know, you will probably say that we shouldn’t really eat that late, but… when I was consulting dietitian I was told, that it doesn’t matter when you eat, it matters what you eat. Though to not feel heavy before sleeping hold the rule to eat last meal 2h before you go to bed.  She also told me to make sure the meal is not heavy, so no potatoes with gravy and fried meat…

This snack I put together one evening when I had quite a headache and I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen. It’s a fruit salad with some cream cheese. This idea can be used in many ways – as a light snack in the evening, as a dessert or easily even to be packed to work for lunch. Actually did that once and I was surprised how filing it was.

Late Evening Energetic Salad

bacon pear salad

Sometimes Cookies comes back home very late, he claims that from work 0_o, but who knows where he hauls his ass in the big city! 0_o

Nonetheless when he does, he usually comes home very hungry, and it is usually around 10pm and the last thing you should eat at that moment is something heavy and carbed to no end. That is why I usually plan salads for those evenings. This salad has to meet a few rules – no worries 😉 it’s not stiff health/doctor rules. Just common sense rules, as I’m a fan of using common sense.

So the rules I suggest and follow are:

a) a lot – use humongous amount of greens as a base – mostly lettuce or cabbage (did you know that cabbage needs more energy to digest then it supplies? This is why it’s perfect dieting vegetable)

b) protein – usually chicken or turkey but bacon is not bad if you find not greasy one and doesn’t use a pound for 1 portion 0_o, on second thought go ahead and knock yourself out if you please 0_o

c) light dressing – meaning vinaigrette type is much better then the mayo based one.

d) no carbs – or at least very limited amount. I usually make it strictly no carbs.