A Winner Dinner

107 winner dinner

I’ve had so many things to do lately that I really didn’t even have time to explore my favorite world of food. But since I have my time off I could slow down and think what I want to make today. My inspiration comes from Cookies this time, because he mentioned lately he would like traditional baked potatoes, but I know I made it once with salmon, soooooo I started thinking. What goes good with pots? BACON! What goes good with pots and bacon? CHEESE!! Add a couple other yummy ingredients and you have a winner dinner.

Actually its very easy, just the pots were hard and hollowing with a teaspoon was a little annoying 0_o I believe I need another tool for that…  (or someone else, maybe named COOKIES???!!!)

Aromatic sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms pasta

107 mushroom-dried tomatoes pasta

I was just indelicately reminded that my lazy ass didn’t post for 2 months. Yes I know… so many things to do, so little motivation to do them…

Nonetheless, there is new idea. Extremely tasty, meatless – especially if you use vegetable broth. You can’t knock also the therapeutic influence of garlic to your sinuses 0_o. Though Cookies says it smells like a Romanian prison… curious how he knows that? Hmmmz maybe I DON'’T KNOW something 0_o. With Cookies everything is possible…

This delicious dish is aromatic, filling and serves 6, which makes it quite economic. I always repeat that the dinner that you can eat for lunch the next day is the best 😉 or I’m just cheap… oh wait that’s Cookies…

Unintended diletto

104 calzone 104 calzone1

A couple weeks ago Cookies was moaning for pizza, but I just was a little tired of the same old ingredients over and over again. Standing over the cutting board with piece of bacon, onion and cheese I was thinking, what I can do… pizza shitzza… started cutting things and just let it flow, thinking where will I end up… happened it was something similar to real calzone. I actually didn’t aim for it, nor looking for any recipes. Cookies called it that way when I served it.

It happened that my thoughtless cutting and mixing ended up really good. This time just made it smaller, cutting the dough in 4 portions instead of two. Cookies may have nice lunch for tomorrow. He always say that the best dinner is the one that will feed him next day for lunch 😉 He is hardcore on not eating salads and other normal stuff… well don’t get me wrong – I mean it’s normal for me 😛

Today, I prepared different stuffing with ham and mushrooms, and this all ended with aromatic calzone with delicious insides. If you are interested, the recipe for pizza dough you will find here.

Lazy kluski for lazy afternoon

105 lazy kluski

Today is the first post after succesfuly migrating magdacooks.com for our new 3 year home. If the service is on the same excellent level it’s sure that we’ll stay there with all our projects. I can absolutely recommend Namecheap.com. I never ever had such a pleasure to have a technical problem before. The customer service in Namecheap is on the level that is hard to find anywhere in the world.

So lets try to post – today something for us lazy cooks. This meal is my 4th favourite since I was a kid. My Mom was making it when she was tired of us demanding cabbage 0_o. Some like it with dry additives like bread crumbs fried with butter or sour cream, but I like it sweet and with strong aroma of cinnamon and Cookies tolerates it with cinnamon mostly… and sugar, depends on his current mood. Usually he makes faces when I propose, we eat this meal, but he knows I love it so he agrees most of the time. Unfortunately lazy kluski aren’t very diet – I even tried to prepare it with whole grain flour but to my dismay and disappointment it was LITERALLY ATROCIOUS! Or i did something wrong… Nonetheless I don’t make it too often, but I think I will just make it tomorrow – just writing about it makes me hungry 😛

Recipe is not complicated at all… just if you don’t feel like grinding cream cheese – don’t do it. Make sure though that its as smooth as possible (damn I do it all the time, who would clean grinder 0_o).

Sometimes I need old school and homey

102 pulpetki in dill sauce

Well, we are two different people, who got raised in two different traditions (and cultures) and we like different things. In the beginning I had to make a double effort to feed Cookies the way he got used to (thankfully his Mom liked a lot of polish dishes like bigos (hunter’s stew), pierogi, haluszki, which actually he makes much better than I do etc). For example, when I wanted my favourite sour pickle soup, I was cooking bouillon and dividing into 2 pots and in one making pickle soup for myself and in the other tomato soup for Cookies. Thankfully as the time passed he started eating more and more, of course it works both ways, though I will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER eat cooked peas and corn with ketchup!!!

Thanks to Cookies I started liking mexican food, even lately learned how to eat fajitas without tossing stuffing everywhere 0_o. (Cookies comment: And you have no clue how close to a miracle that, in itself REALLY is!)

So, with this long beginning just wanted to say, that sometimes I feel for something old school, which my Mom cooked when I was a kid. The other day it was little meatballs in dill sauce gravy.