Kluski Slaskie With Mushroom Sauce by Wojtek

101 kluski slaskie Wojtka

Couple days ago my favourite neighbour Wojtek sent me by email one of his latest creations. Wojtek likes to cook and actually does it really good. His greek fish is spectacular and his zurek even better 😉 I know cause Marta (his wife) and himself are the most hospitable people I know. Always having something to eat 😉 a beer and good laugh with their lovely little princess Balbina :P. Baaalbinkaaaa 😀

Thanks to them Mr. Dog is getting better.


78 beeferoni

When I was kid, many MOONS ago, I enjoyed a lot of the Chef Boyardee products. I guess it added to my “mass”… HAHAHA, anyway, one day out of the blue I made for Magda a similar creation, of Beef-A-Roni… and its literally become one of her favorite meals. And its relatively easy and FAST to make… a key element in the Magda Cooks Project… lets do it!

Ready, Steady, Cook!

76 zuchini Pasta1

So I was given the task of “what to eat?” this is a beast that lives in the Magda Cooks household. The movement is on to avoid excess or ANY carbs, and to try to make something to go onto the blog. So I went to the kitchen and was thinking, what do I have and what can I do WITH it. So on this particular day what I had to work with…