The Standard Household Salad

The Standard Household Salad

95 dinner salad with grapes

I have a couple of reasons for researching new recipes, or creating my own dishes. One of those is my need to cook something new and healthy, or just new 0_o and tasty. The other reason, which is much more annoying is of course, guess who!, YES, Cookies. He likes to harass me with complaining, like: “Babes, I don’t want the grilled chix anymore, it’s boring”, It's easy and fast – I’m growling under my breath. SO?? my beloved one asks… “and this salad… I don’t want the household salad, it’s boring… and the dressing is too sour, too liquidy, too oily, too peppery oh, and don’t put sweet pepper in…”  the next time I served him plain napa cabbage just cut into strips… He ate it and didn’t complain for another week…victory!

So, under pressure I had to figure out new salad that would fit for most of the meat meals. I then created it based on the basic rules: greens, tomatoes, other veggies + extra ingredient and simple dressing. This way standard household salad evolved into a little more of a sophisticated version – for how long? We will see… he didn’t make his typical face yet… Oh I might be lucky for a little bit cos lately hell froze over – he ate sour cucumber! not in a soup, just plain… so maybe I can make some salads based on that if he starts moaning again… in 3…2…1…


Meanwhile the new recipe is…

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