Almost guilt free tiramisu

110 tiramisu1

What is your favorite dessert? Except ice cream of course 0_o and chocolate… Cookies favourite is potato chips, is that even a dessert? he’s REALLY weird so lets just play along with him 0_o, he has denied himself chippies for last 10 months (due to his getting into shape gimmick)… My all time favorite dessert is tiramisu. Though, funny thing is that I never made one, as I’ve always ate either a bought one, or made by someone else. This time I found a really easy and simple recipe, that I adapted for my non guilt dessert style (just don’t pay attention to the cream 0_o) – I lost 7kg lately and I would like to keep it going down ;-). So, try to find sponge cakes that are sugar free and gluten free etc. I found one sugar free, 3-4 per cup won’t kill us 0_o Well, at least I hope so…

Tasty gold

109 spectacular duck

Since I got my halogen oven I wanted to bake a DUCK. Yes, big, fat duck I remember my Mom was making it occasionally stuffed with apples and served with red cabbage salad. Actually my first memory about baked duck comes from early childhood – I think I was what 6? My Dad took me to the extended family farm and I tasted duck there.

So, when one of the popular food chains had a good offer for fresh duck I battled with Cookies about making it for a nice Sunday dinner. He was kicking and screaming (as usual I may add) but he had to give up, when I showed him my two best attributes… So to make sure that I would bake it absolutely perfect, I first called Mom 😉 then I browsed the internet to know what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to bake, but with it I didn’t want to take chance I screw up something. 0_o

This recipe is the result of what I like and what works good with duck. In the end of the process you will have a gorgeous, aromatic duck with plenty of duck grease in the bottom of the pan or halogen oven bowl. Don’t toss it, pour it into a bowl and keep it covered in the fridge to use for frying pork chops… there is nothing better than pork chops fried in duck grease. For some reason it gives the meat an extra kick.

Chix and Chorizo Gulash

110 one pot tastiness

I think EASY should be my second name… as much as I love cooking, I need things to be easy, because of my short attention span, I get distracted and/or annoyed fast if I don’t get visible results in a short amount of time. That leads to some disastrous events in the kitchen. Like tossing whole dinner on Cookies head for example… never happened but was close. So no wonder I deliberately look for easy and fast meals.

The meal I made today is one of the easier dinners I’ve made lately. Also the mix of meats – chix and chorizo gives a delicate contrast and the veggies will fill you good. And don’t forget you just need 1 glass of red wine… yes, you can utilize the rest the favorite way, like I did. Small pleasures always count 0_o.


A Winner Dinner

107 winner dinner

I’ve had so many things to do lately that I really didn’t even have time to explore my favorite world of food. But since I have my time off I could slow down and think what I want to make today. My inspiration comes from Cookies this time, because he mentioned lately he would like traditional baked potatoes, but I know I made it once with salmon, soooooo I started thinking. What goes good with pots? BACON! What goes good with pots and bacon? CHEESE!! Add a couple other yummy ingredients and you have a winner dinner.

Actually its very easy, just the pots were hard and hollowing with a teaspoon was a little annoying 0_o I believe I need another tool for that…  (or someone else, maybe named COOKIES???!!!)

Aromatic sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms pasta

107 mushroom-dried tomatoes pasta

I was just indelicately reminded that my lazy ass didn’t post for 2 months. Yes I know… so many things to do, so little motivation to do them…

Nonetheless, there is new idea. Extremely tasty, meatless – especially if you use vegetable broth. You can’t knock also the therapeutic influence of garlic to your sinuses 0_o. Though Cookies says it smells like a Romanian prison… curious how he knows that? Hmmmz maybe I DON'’T KNOW something 0_o. With Cookies everything is possible…

This delicious dish is aromatic, filling and serves 6, which makes it quite economic. I always repeat that the dinner that you can eat for lunch the next day is the best 😉 or I’m just cheap… oh wait that’s Cookies…