Antidepresant Muffins

95 chocolate muffins

Well, I know I have been neglecting Magda Cooks terribly lately. I didn’t feel like moving my pinky. You can say keep calm and stop moaning, but there is time when too many problems overwhelm you and you just lose it. Thankfully I’m optimist by nature and those times never take long. Did my problems get solved? NO! But F… IT 😉 we can have chocolate muffins for this not calm Sunday afternoon! And hell I thought it won’t work cos my halogen oven doesn’t bake very good, however, except of a little dry top the muffins were stunning 😉 Found this recipe in some old magazine and ripped it for some unknown future day. Today I decided that it is the DAY to try it! Of course I changed it a little bit, cos 2 cups of sugar is a little too much for my taste and they only called for chocolate chips and I added cocoa and ugh, almost couldn’t stop myself from eating the batter raw 0_o


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