Almost guilt free tiramisu

110 tiramisu1

What is your favorite dessert? Except ice cream of course 0_o and chocolate… Cookies favourite is potato chips, is that even a dessert? he’s REALLY weird so lets just play along with him 0_o, he has denied himself chippies for last 10 months (due to his getting into shape gimmick)… My all time favorite dessert is tiramisu. Though, funny thing is that I never made one, as I’ve always ate either a bought one, or made by someone else. This time I found a really easy and simple recipe, that I adapted for my non guilt dessert style (just don’t pay attention to the cream 0_o) – I lost 7kg lately and I would like to keep it going down ;-). So, try to find sponge cakes that are sugar free and gluten free etc. I found one sugar free, 3-4 per cup won’t kill us 0_o Well, at least I hope so…

Back in business

106 apple honey muffins


For the past few weeks I was asked numerous times, if I planned to write something for MC anytime soon, and I always answered yes, but I ending up needing some more time. Some sad, and hard things happened in the past few weeks that caused me to not be my usual cheerful self. Cookies and I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything and we just focused on being together, and mourning our beloved Kakuniu… We still do.

During those weeks I was so uninspired that I cooked bare necessities and nothing new or fancy. Yesterday, when Cookies went to work I just thought I would like to do something more than browsing through DMA on Chive (funny how much comfort it can provide).  I had already dinner prepared, so I thought maybe I'll bake something yummy… so as usual, I started looking at my pantry's shelves and thought I have everything needed for muffins. Wanted chocolate muffins but didn't have chocolate…(didn't want to go buy it either! 0_o) then decided on doing a new version with apples, cranberries and honey.

The end result gave me those soft and gooey vanilla scented muffins that made the wounded spirit cheerful for the whole evening.


Antidepresant Muffins

95 chocolate muffins

Well, I know I have been neglecting Magda Cooks terribly lately. I didn’t feel like moving my pinky. You can say keep calm and stop moaning, but there is time when too many problems overwhelm you and you just lose it. Thankfully I’m optimist by nature and those times never take long. Did my problems get solved? NO! But F… IT 😉 we can have chocolate muffins for this not calm Sunday afternoon! And hell I thought it won’t work cos my halogen oven doesn’t bake very good, however, except of a little dry top the muffins were stunning 😉 Found this recipe in some old magazine and ripped it for some unknown future day. Today I decided that it is the DAY to try it! Of course I changed it a little bit, cos 2 cups of sugar is a little too much for my taste and they only called for chocolate chips and I added cocoa and ugh, almost couldn’t stop myself from eating the batter raw 0_o


Cookies you can eat by the ton

89 guilt free cookies


Well, I can’t deny I like sweets, ice cream, chocolates, cookies, cakes pfewww I could go and go, but the the terrible thing is, that sweets don’t like me. Or maybe they like me tooooo much, they stay with me forever. Well, as long as it’s my upper chest, I’m happy and Cookies is happy, so the Burrow is like a kindergarten after Santas visit 0_o. But, my curse is, that everything with GI over 50 goes straight to my lower parts and it seems it stays there forever! 0_o You can imagine that I’m so determined to find as many “guilt free” and “eat as many as you want” delights as possible 😉

For the summer you can try my banana or strawberry ice cream – and eat as much as you want until your sinuses protests… But the weather is getting chiller and chiller everyday, so I need something without causing my already unhappy ones to just refuse cooperation. Because of that I’m browsing constantly looking for light delights I can stuff my mouth with. Sometimes I get partial success like with this NO BUTTER APPLE PIE, sometimes I fail miserably on the field “light” like with my chocoholic heaven chocolates 😉 This time I think I hit a homerun with cookies that contain only two base ingredients – you can add many things for fuller flavour but the core is still healthy and diet.

The Hottest Day 0_o

89 strawberry ice cream

Well, today is the hottest day this summer and I surely hope the last one. I just simply despise heat! I wanted to cool down so much I couldn’t find myself a place until I got home 😛 Yes, we invested into AC, few months before and I’m damn happy! 36C (97F) outside and a nice mellow 21C (70F) inside!!! When the heat pours so strong from the sky, I can only think about ice cream… My favourite is Big Milk from Algida… cos it reminds me of my childhood favourite BAMBINO – mmmmhhh vanilla cream… But but but… no creamy ice cream from the store cos they contain tons of white sugar, which really I try to avoid. Some time ago, I posted awesome goey diet banana ice cream… couldn't believe it was so tasty and so guilt free… This time I didn't have bananas, so I raided my freezer and I found a pound bag of frozen strawberries… yummy! I thought and left if for 20 minutes on the counter. Did some boring chores, like loading washer and re-arranging pantry shelves then came back and just made my huge portion of cold strawberry delight.