About MagdaCooks

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As a long time fan of home and healthy cooking, I upon the urges of COOKIES decided to create my OWN site. I picked the name MagdaCooks because its what I do. As time went on, I decided to focus as much as possible on healthy eating, particularly in as close to possible KETO style. I also use my own self made SPICES which are a homemade blend that definitely enhance the favor!

A lot of people unfortunately due to situations that they are facing do not have the time to cook at home. The proliferation of fast food, and junk food consumption, JUST saddens me. Unlike Cookies who would/could/DOES spend hours making 1 meal!!! (What’s wrong with him!? :-0) I rather do it in under an hour, and ultimately in 30 minutes or so. That is the goal of the recipes featured on MagdaCooks.

Hopefully you will find something interesting on my site.

Thanks for reading this.

Magda 🙂