Work Food part 2

Work Food part 2


71 work salad 1

Did I mention that I’m constantly trying to lose weight? Yeah I do. My last great idea is to cut as much carbs as possible from my diet. Cookies said: AT LAST WOMAN!! and I said – don’t be so cheerful you are going there with me Buddy! You would have to see his face… well like popular ad says… priceless 0_o.

One of my biggest problems with cutting carbs is lunch at work. The easiest (for Cookies) to prepare was always sandwiches. I hate crunchy bread and I don’t like the heavy sour taste of whole grain flour bread, so mostly I was looking for rye or wholemeal but still it’s not diet enough. So now I try to find recipes to eliminate carbs at all or just most of it.

The salad below is really filling and and so damn tasty. It’s easy to manipulate the size of the portion, with the dressing make sure you either cut it in half or double ;-). Of course it can be served with different kind of dressing like simple vinaigrette or dill dressing – you choose!

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