Unintended diletto

104 calzone 104 calzone1

A couple weeks ago Cookies was moaning for pizza, but I just was a little tired of the same old ingredients over and over again. Standing over the cutting board with piece of bacon, onion and cheese I was thinking, what I can do… pizza shitzza… started cutting things and just let it flow, thinking where will I end up… happened it was something similar to real calzone. I actually didn’t aim for it, nor looking for any recipes. Cookies called it that way when I served it.

It happened that my thoughtless cutting and mixing ended up really good. This time just made it smaller, cutting the dough in 4 portions instead of two. Cookies may have nice lunch for tomorrow. He always say that the best dinner is the one that will feed him next day for lunch 😉 He is hardcore on not eating salads and other normal stuff… well don’t get me wrong – I mean it’s normal for me 😛

Today, I prepared different stuffing with ham and mushrooms, and this all ended with aromatic calzone with delicious insides. If you are interested, the recipe for pizza dough you will find here.

Never Boring Stuffing…

88 turkey rolls

I believe I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like stuffing meat… Today I wanted to share with you recipe that has neverending possibility to evolve in texture and flavour. And it was my first stuffed meat dish I prepared out of sheer boredom of eating cutlets and meatballs with the Mullen Household Salad 0_o.

Definitely it was Sunday, cos the meal needs some work, and I don’t work hard on meals on workdays, I simply don’t feel like it 0_o I had a slab of turkey breast and really didn’t have a freaking clue what to do… Almost started crying on the thought of another cutlet/schnitzel meal.

I was trying to figure out what to make, took a bottle of wine out and thought if it won’t help at least I can get drunk 0_o But actually in the middle of the first glass I got enlightened… I started reminiscencing about past meals my Mom and Granny cooked for us… I remembered Granny’s pork rolls stuffed with bacon and sour cucumber and thought why not stuff my turkey with something. Weeee, even found small spits to make sure the rolls won’t fall apart.

But now what to stuff it with hmmmz thats a tough question… I rummaged the fridge and come out with mushrooms and cheese, weeeee we will have mushroom and cheese stuffed turkey rolls 😉