I love to stuff things into the meat 0_o

I love to stuff things into the meat 0_o

I love to stuff things into the meat 0_o

LOL now I read the title again and just, well… But yeah I do, my first stuffing was nice turkey rolls I made with mushrooms and and ricotta cheese, and one day I’ll make it so you can ALSO make it! :-). This time I wanted a rest from chicken and bought some nice lean pork loin cutlets. At first I had a problem with the size of the meat 0_o, sorry… It was just too damn small… ffs… but the butcher lady at Peter&Paul meat department solved it by cutting thick portions of meat and running it couple times through a meat softener machine… it was neat and it made my cutlets big and fluffy… You will need some mushrooms and butter… and as always it’s easy, just takes a little time, cos for 5 cutlets you need plenty of mushrooms – it loses volume while frying.

5 pork loin cutlets
60 dag white mushrooms
2 shallots or 1 medium red onion
oil + 1 tbsp butter
salt, pepper
thyme, summer savory (cząber)

If you can’t ask the butcher to fluff your cutlets 😉 beat it good to make it as big as possible and not too thick. Spice it nicely with salt and pepper, thyme and savory (savory is optional – I just like it’s spicy, almost pepper like flavour). Set cutlets aside, while you deal with mushrooms. Chop it small cos you want to be able to bend it ;-). Chop shallots and toss on hot oil with butter, fry like 30s then toss mushrooms, stir thoroughly to coat ingredients with oil, fry until soft and browned. If there is too much water – drain it, you want fried mushrooms not stewed ones ;-).

Put big portion of mushroom mixture on the meat and use toothpicks or metal meat skewers to seal it. Grill your pockets until golden brown…  Served it with basmati rice spiced with a little soy sauce and butter with PARSLEY and salad of your choice.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other 0_o

P.S. Cookies rated it 9 out of 10, no smartmouth comment this time 0_o

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