I did it… 0_o

I did it… 0_o

I did it… 0_o

Well, it’s happening. Cookies was working on me for months to start my own blog. He was saying how easy my cooking is and how I should share the idea of simple meals that anybody can do. No fancy products, just things you can simply afford and find in the nearest store. Did I mention I love to cook? I do. Most of my time I’m looking for new recipes, searching the Internet and finding really nice ideas and inspirations. Always changing recipe for my taste and what I have in my kitchen. For example… everything I cook has to be grilled, fried, boiled or steamed… cos I don’t have an oven right now. 

You will ask: how can you handle? 
I say: easily, I just adjust. 

I like to share my recipes with my friends, who always look for ideas and fast meals. We all work and have no time to do complicated stuff. The idea for the recipes I do is: it has to be simple and take a small amount of time. I’m kind of clumsy and not coordinated too good 0_o hahahah, yes. if anything can be dropped… it will be. Believe me on that, you can ask Cookies… well… on the second thought maybe not 🙂 

For days I was procrastinating which recipe to choose as my first post and couldn’t decide. And as always, I just had to wait a little and it came completely natural. Today  I prepared HOT MUSHROOM SALAD. Got inspired by a recipe on the Polish site (mniammniam.com). 
The recipe is simple and takes not more than 30 minutes.

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