Back in business

Back in business

106 apple honey muffins


For the past few weeks I was asked numerous times, if I planned to write something for MC anytime soon, and I always answered yes, but I ending up needing some more time. Some sad, and hard things happened in the past few weeks that caused me to not be my usual cheerful self. Cookies and I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything and we just focused on being together, and mourning our beloved Kakuniu… We still do.

During those weeks I was so uninspired that I cooked bare necessities and nothing new or fancy. Yesterday, when Cookies went to work I just thought I would like to do something more than browsing through DMA on Chive (funny how much comfort it can provide).  I had already dinner prepared, so I thought maybe I'll bake something yummy… so as usual, I started looking at my pantry's shelves and thought I have everything needed for muffins. Wanted chocolate muffins but didn't have chocolate…(didn't want to go buy it either! 0_o) then decided on doing a new version with apples, cranberries and honey.

The end result gave me those soft and gooey vanilla scented muffins that made the wounded spirit cheerful for the whole evening.

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