Tasty gold

109 spectacular duck

Since I got my halogen oven I wanted to bake a DUCK. Yes, big, fat duck I remember my Mom was making it occasionally stuffed with apples and served with red cabbage salad. Actually my first memory about baked duck comes from early childhood – I think I was what 6? My Dad took me to the extended family farm and I tasted duck there.

So, when one of the popular food chains had a good offer for fresh duck I battled with Cookies about making it for a nice Sunday dinner. He was kicking and screaming (as usual I may add) but he had to give up, when I showed him my two best attributes… So to make sure that I would bake it absolutely perfect, I first called Mom 😉 then I browsed the internet to know what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to bake, but with it I didn’t want to take chance I screw up something. 0_o

This recipe is the result of what I like and what works good with duck. In the end of the process you will have a gorgeous, aromatic duck with plenty of duck grease in the bottom of the pan or halogen oven bowl. Don’t toss it, pour it into a bowl and keep it covered in the fridge to use for frying pork chops… there is nothing better than pork chops fried in duck grease. For some reason it gives the meat an extra kick.

Back in business

106 apple honey muffins


For the past few weeks I was asked numerous times, if I planned to write something for MC anytime soon, and I always answered yes, but I ending up needing some more time. Some sad, and hard things happened in the past few weeks that caused me to not be my usual cheerful self. Cookies and I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything and we just focused on being together, and mourning our beloved Kakuniu… We still do.

During those weeks I was so uninspired that I cooked bare necessities and nothing new or fancy. Yesterday, when Cookies went to work I just thought I would like to do something more than browsing through DMA on Chive (funny how much comfort it can provide).  I had already dinner prepared, so I thought maybe I'll bake something yummy… so as usual, I started looking at my pantry's shelves and thought I have everything needed for muffins. Wanted chocolate muffins but didn't have chocolate…(didn't want to go buy it either! 0_o) then decided on doing a new version with apples, cranberries and honey.

The end result gave me those soft and gooey vanilla scented muffins that made the wounded spirit cheerful for the whole evening.


Light Snack or Dessert

77 sweet fruit snack


Probably I mention that Cookies often comes back very late from work and unfortunately he doesn’t believe into eating before he goes so his last meal is very late. And since one of the rules in The Mullen Household is to eat at least one meal a day together I mostly wait with my meal until he comes back.

I know, you will probably say that we shouldn’t really eat that late, but… when I was consulting dietitian I was told, that it doesn’t matter when you eat, it matters what you eat. Though to not feel heavy before sleeping hold the rule to eat last meal 2h before you go to bed.  She also told me to make sure the meal is not heavy, so no potatoes with gravy and fried meat…

This snack I put together one evening when I had quite a headache and I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen. It’s a fruit salad with some cream cheese. This idea can be used in many ways – as a light snack in the evening, as a dessert or easily even to be packed to work for lunch. Actually did that once and I was surprised how filing it was.

Stuffing Meat Is FUN!

73 Stuffing meat is fun!

If you didn’t know, pork tenderloin contains as much fat as chicken breast – so it’s nice change for us dieting people 0_o. It doesn’t need too much work or cooking time. The meat is very tender and tastes great without too much effort. I encourage you to use this meat which is relatively not too expensive and what is more important: easy and fast to prepare. Make sure that you don’t cook/grill/fry it too long – it tends to get hard and rubbery if overcooked.

This meal can be served even for as much demanding person as your Mother-In-Law 😉

Easy As Pie, The Apple Pie!!

apple pie


For the last couple weeks I was tormented by visions of apple cake, pie or whatever but absolutely with apples. I know a good recipe for an apple cake but the baking tin dedicated for it won't fit to my beloved halogen oven. I had to look for a pie recipe cos the pie dish fits perfectly… Now when I think about it… I could make xmas apple pie… though wanted something moist and filled. I asked Uncle Google and after some changes and alterations as usual, I come up with the recipe for apple pie that I can call 85% diet. As it contains only brown sugar, no butter, margarine or oil, only greasing the tin. It doesn’t produce a humongous amount, then to make it last – you gotta eat less!! 0_o. One thing for sure, I have to find somewhere REAL vanilla extract…