Aromatic sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms pasta

107 mushroom-dried tomatoes pasta

I was just indelicately reminded that my lazy ass didn’t post for 2 months. Yes I know… so many things to do, so little motivation to do them…

Nonetheless, there is new idea. Extremely tasty, meatless – especially if you use vegetable broth. You can’t knock also the therapeutic influence of garlic to your sinuses 0_o. Though Cookies says it smells like a Romanian prison… curious how he knows that? Hmmmz maybe I DON'’T KNOW something 0_o. With Cookies everything is possible…

This delicious dish is aromatic, filling and serves 6, which makes it quite economic. I always repeat that the dinner that you can eat for lunch the next day is the best 😉 or I’m just cheap… oh wait that’s Cookies…

Never Boring Stuffing…

88 turkey rolls

I believe I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like stuffing meat… Today I wanted to share with you recipe that has neverending possibility to evolve in texture and flavour. And it was my first stuffed meat dish I prepared out of sheer boredom of eating cutlets and meatballs with the Mullen Household Salad 0_o.

Definitely it was Sunday, cos the meal needs some work, and I don’t work hard on meals on workdays, I simply don’t feel like it 0_o I had a slab of turkey breast and really didn’t have a freaking clue what to do… Almost started crying on the thought of another cutlet/schnitzel meal.

I was trying to figure out what to make, took a bottle of wine out and thought if it won’t help at least I can get drunk 0_o But actually in the middle of the first glass I got enlightened… I started reminiscencing about past meals my Mom and Granny cooked for us… I remembered Granny’s pork rolls stuffed with bacon and sour cucumber and thought why not stuff my turkey with something. Weeee, even found small spits to make sure the rolls won’t fall apart.

But now what to stuff it with hmmmz thats a tough question… I rummaged the fridge and come out with mushrooms and cheese, weeeee we will have mushroom and cheese stuffed turkey rolls 😉

Ready, Steady, Cook!

76 zuchini Pasta1

So I was given the task of “what to eat?” this is a beast that lives in the Magda Cooks household. The movement is on to avoid excess or ANY carbs, and to try to make something to go onto the blog. So I went to the kitchen and was thinking, what do I have and what can I do WITH it. So on this particular day what I had to work with…

Magdas’ Mushroom Soup

74 mushroom soup

I think I don’t have to explain the beneficial influence of various soups – though mushroom soup has additional values because of the unique values of mushrooms themselves.

Mushrooms are a very good source of B vitamins such as niacin and riboflavin and minerals like selenium, copper and potassium. It’s low calorie product and in dried form is high with fiber.  Can’t forget about the strong delicious flavor that can change your meal into a masterpiece.

In the Mullen Household we cook soups together – Cookies makes the base bouillon and I finish when I come back from work usually. With Magdas’ Mushroom Soup it is exactly the same. The recipe presents ingredients for 6 big bowls. I won’t give the recipe for bouillon cos Cookies did it already in his contribution post for Pickled Cucumbers Soup. Either prepare the base as you always make it or use Cookies advice.

French dough for dinner

65 French dough dinner croissants

French dough for dinner

Since my Almost Diet Pouches were such a success I thought I could experiment some more with additional fillings and maybe EVEN use it for dinner. I was debating what to use and my choice fell on white mushrooms. It’s hard to mess up mushrooms filling 0_o and of course we like mushrooms.

I didn’t want to complicate the dish, so there is only 4 base ingredients + spices. Now when I write this post, I’m  thinking what else can it be stuffed with… Maybe some chorizo with parsley and zucchini? Or feta cheese with sun dried tomatoes and fresh coriander? Though feta is very strong and has to be mixed with something… it’s something to think further.

Since I made it first time for dinner, I made of course a mistake and created pouches too big. Next time I will know better and cut the dough into smaller squares 😉 Make sure you won’t put too much stuffing in, cos the pouches will be opening.