100th post – Mexican pork with fresh salsa

100 mexican spiced tenderloin with fresh salsa

As the year 2013 ended Cookies was looking at all the stats on Magda Cooks and figured out that this is my 100th post – I honestly didn't know I hit that much, but as it is, lets now go for 200!


As I mentioned many times before in the Burrow we eat a lot of vegetables and there is no meal without some. It may be cooked carrots or just simple salad or even just both. Though lately I have an incredible problem with eating certain veggies which makes me unhappy. And also it is hard to understand as well, cos older I’m I like more and more kinds of foods. I think the only one will be forever excluded is canned peas… Damn I hate it 0_o. I even can eat cooked spinach in little tortellini but definitely no peas. So honestly there is not too many veggies I've ate in last few weeks and it doesn’t help with the variety of new meals I can make.

But, as always I found something 😀 and it’s so simple yet so spectacular in flavour that I decided I will be experimenting with this idea a lot.

I still can’t imagine that I didn't think about it earlier, especially since Cookies is preparing a lot of meals straight from mexican cuisine. Probably because he is considered Master of Tortilla and Taco and we usually don't step into each others zones of expertise. I was looking for new way to prepare pork tenderloin and that it didn't include grilling 0_o. Soon though I wont be able to grill a thing 0_o cos Cookies will be moaning like: WHAAAT? Grilled …. AGAIN??? PHHHLEEEAAASSSSEEEE! So as I was searching I found this one promising idea for a  very easy 0_o mexican spice marinade for pork and along side I found a recipe for simple fresh salsa.

When I asked Cookies why he never made salsa before, he said… “I simply didn't think about it”, well, thats kind of hard to believe because he OVER THINKS everything. Anyway…during the last couple weeks I utilized this idea twice, each time with a different piece of pork: tenderloin and neck, both according to you know WHO, found them to be awesome. The rub is easy and requires only 10-15 minutes rest before cooking. Both meats I prepared different way. I baked the tenderloin and grilled neck chops.

Stuffed Pepper Soup?

86 Stuffed Pepper Soup

When Cookies made this dish for me the first time I was like wtf? Stuffed peppers I understand but as a soup? How the hell is he doing it to make it a soup? Then he served it and I found my second, okay third favourite soup. For most of you it would be probably one pot meal not a soup cos it’s very thick and filling but oh well, it’s considered a soup 0_o.

I know it’s the middle of the summer and this kind of food is good more for cold fall/winter dinners but I thoroughly enjoy it and decided the weather doesn’t matter :-). And you can’t overplay the fact, that it’s the only meal that the brown rice in it, is actually edible 0_o

French dough for dinner

65 French dough dinner croissants

French dough for dinner

Since my Almost Diet Pouches were such a success I thought I could experiment some more with additional fillings and maybe EVEN use it for dinner. I was debating what to use and my choice fell on white mushrooms. It’s hard to mess up mushrooms filling 0_o and of course we like mushrooms.

I didn’t want to complicate the dish, so there is only 4 base ingredients + spices. Now when I write this post, I’m  thinking what else can it be stuffed with… Maybe some chorizo with parsley and zucchini? Or feta cheese with sun dried tomatoes and fresh coriander? Though feta is very strong and has to be mixed with something… it’s something to think further.

Since I made it first time for dinner, I made of course a mistake and created pouches too big. Next time I will know better and cut the dough into smaller squares 😉 Make sure you won’t put too much stuffing in, cos the pouches will be opening.