Lazy kluski for lazy afternoon

Lazy kluski for lazy afternoon

105 lazy kluski

Today is the first post after succesfuly migrating for our new 3 year home. If the service is on the same excellent level it’s sure that we’ll stay there with all our projects. I can absolutely recommend I never ever had such a pleasure to have a technical problem before. The customer service in Namecheap is on the level that is hard to find anywhere in the world.

So lets try to post – today something for us lazy cooks. This meal is my 4th favourite since I was a kid. My Mom was making it when she was tired of us demanding cabbage 0_o. Some like it with dry additives like bread crumbs fried with butter or sour cream, but I like it sweet and with strong aroma of cinnamon and Cookies tolerates it with cinnamon mostly… and sugar, depends on his current mood. Usually he makes faces when I propose, we eat this meal, but he knows I love it so he agrees most of the time. Unfortunately lazy kluski aren’t very diet – I even tried to prepare it with whole grain flour but to my dismay and disappointment it was LITERALLY ATROCIOUS! Or i did something wrong… Nonetheless I don’t make it too often, but I think I will just make it tomorrow – just writing about it makes me hungry 😛

Recipe is not complicated at all… just if you don’t feel like grinding cream cheese – don’t do it. Make sure though that its as smooth as possible (damn I do it all the time, who would clean grinder 0_o).

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