Dads Greek Fish

Dads Greek Fish

105 dads greek fish

I was asked nicely today by our friend “Tom” 😀 to post something today. I looked into my stash of pictures and found this awesome meal that I learned to do from my Dad. It’s fish under the blanket of veggies. Even if it’s called greek fish, it’s as much Greek as Russian pierogi (with potatoes and cheese) or Italian salad (vegetable salad I posted in the beginning of my blogging).

It’s an easy dish to make, but the actual preparation take’s a good amount of time, because the whole secret of this dish being spectacular is the way you prepare veggies. If you shred them… the dish will be okay but mush. The secret is to cut all the veggies into match size sticks. I think its called julienne? there is also second solution – buying a shredder which can do that. My Dad has one and his preparation takes 15 minutes ;-). I bet if you are skilled cutter you can cut it in the same amount of time, but I’m quite clumsy, so it took me 40 min and ended with pain in my right wrist. Cookies actually loves it so it was worth it! 0_o Can’t believe I just said that 0_o. With cutting it into the match stick size you will get the perfect texture and will be able to taste a variation of flavours, and avoid mixing everything in a unappetizing pulp.


Tato, dzięki za przepis i każdą okazję kiedy smażyłam rybę razem z Tobą  😉

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