Veggie Salad

Veggie Salad

Veggie salad

I was always curious why the traditional polish vegetable salad is called ITALIAN? I started digging a little and actually found out that the mother of vegetable salad came from… Russia. But it still didn’t answer why Italian? Maybe one of you would know?

My Polish friends know this salad very good. It was – is served on polish tables for ages. None of the holidays or name days party could go without it. It’s easy to create, cheap and usually makes many servings. As many households, that many versions of this salad. Some add leak, some tuna, some ham or chicken – I present my version of this yummy salad. It makes really good lunch for work 😀

4 medium to big carrots
2 medium to big parsley roots
½ of medium celery root
4 medium potatoes
6 medium cucumbers
3 big apples (the best sour, but I added golden delicious and it was perfect)
4 hardboiled eggs
for pea lovers – 1 can of peas
for pea haters – 1 can of corn
salt, pepper
2 tsp mustard
lemon juice (optional if salad is not sour enough to your taste)

Boil carrots, parsley and celery root al dente. Boil potatoes and eggs. Let it cool down. Peel everything that needs to be peeled. If you like skin stuck in your teeth, don’t peel 0_o
Dice all the cooked veggies into small cubes. Peel apples and cube them alternately with sour cucumbers – if you do that apples won’t darken. Dice eggs. Spice with salt and pepper to taste. Add mustard and stir thoroughly. Move half of the salad to different container and for pea lovers add drained peas. For pea haters leftover part add can of corn. Of course if you like both you can mix and match both.

Store in the refrigerator in sealed containers. Add mayo when you want to eat it. Salad can be served for cold lunch or dinner, along with meat or just as a meal.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other 0_o

P.S. Cookies thoughts: It hits the spot and is rather full of taste. Recommended, though be ready to invest a little time in the actual preparations of this. Though its worth it!

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