Aromatic sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms pasta

107 mushroom-dried tomatoes pasta

I was just indelicately reminded that my lazy ass didn’t post for 2 months. Yes I know… so many things to do, so little motivation to do them…

Nonetheless, there is new idea. Extremely tasty, meatless – especially if you use vegetable broth. You can’t knock also the therapeutic influence of garlic to your sinuses 0_o. Though Cookies says it smells like a Romanian prison… curious how he knows that? Hmmmz maybe I DON'’T KNOW something 0_o. With Cookies everything is possible…

This delicious dish is aromatic, filling and serves 6, which makes it quite economic. I always repeat that the dinner that you can eat for lunch the next day is the best 😉 or I’m just cheap… oh wait that’s Cookies…

Stuffed Pepper Soup?

86 Stuffed Pepper Soup

When Cookies made this dish for me the first time I was like wtf? Stuffed peppers I understand but as a soup? How the hell is he doing it to make it a soup? Then he served it and I found my second, okay third favourite soup. For most of you it would be probably one pot meal not a soup cos it’s very thick and filling but oh well, it’s considered a soup 0_o.

I know it’s the middle of the summer and this kind of food is good more for cold fall/winter dinners but I thoroughly enjoy it and decided the weather doesn’t matter :-). And you can’t overplay the fact, that it’s the only meal that the brown rice in it, is actually edible 0_o

Cookies Shepherd’s Pie

Cookies Shepherds Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Sort of Meat Pie but with Potatoes. You could easily make this with pastry crust and it would be like a ground beef pot pie… sort of. Anyway, we like a lot of vegetables and I try to utilise as many as I can, when I am called upon to do the “dirty” no, not that, NOR, washing the dishes… but when Magda Cooks, doesn't cook and Cookies gets to cook. More like IS MADE too, but I like too as well, as generally, by rule, I do stuff she does not. Henceforth, good.

Todays recipe is an easy one, not much goes into this, and can be done a number of different ways actually. I will present to you, the way I do it, but I will also try to show you some alternatives too. Basically its potatoes with mixed vegetables, and a gravy sauce from ground beef. Sounds easy? Well, guess what IT IS.