Cookies Shepherd’s Pie

Cookies Shepherd’s Pie

Cookies Shepherds Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Sort of Meat Pie but with Potatoes. You could easily make this with pastry crust and it would be like a ground beef pot pie… sort of. Anyway, we like a lot of vegetables and I try to utilise as many as I can, when I am called upon to do the “dirty” no, not that, NOR, washing the dishes… but when Magda Cooks, doesn't cook and Cookies gets to cook. More like IS MADE too, but I like too as well, as generally, by rule, I do stuff she does not. Henceforth, good.

Todays recipe is an easy one, not much goes into this, and can be done a number of different ways actually. I will present to you, the way I do it, but I will also try to show you some alternatives too. Basically its potatoes with mixed vegetables, and a gravy sauce from ground beef. Sounds easy? Well, guess what IT IS.

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