Late Evening Energetic Salad

Late Evening Energetic Salad

bacon pear salad

Sometimes Cookies comes back home very late, he claims that from work 0_o, but who knows where he hauls his ass in the big city! 0_o

Nonetheless when he does, he usually comes home very hungry, and it is usually around 10pm and the last thing you should eat at that moment is something heavy and carbed to no end. That is why I usually plan salads for those evenings. This salad has to meet a few rules – no worries 😉 it’s not stiff health/doctor rules. Just common sense rules, as I’m a fan of using common sense.

So the rules I suggest and follow are:

a) a lot – use humongous amount of greens as a base – mostly lettuce or cabbage (did you know that cabbage needs more energy to digest then it supplies? This is why it’s perfect dieting vegetable)

b) protein – usually chicken or turkey but bacon is not bad if you find not greasy one and doesn’t use a pound for 1 portion 0_o, on second thought go ahead and knock yourself out if you please 0_o

c) light dressing – meaning vinaigrette type is much better then the mayo based one.

d) no carbs – or at least very limited amount. I usually make it strictly no carbs.

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