The Hottest Day 0_o

89 strawberry ice cream

Well, today is the hottest day this summer and I surely hope the last one. I just simply despise heat! I wanted to cool down so much I couldn’t find myself a place until I got home 😛 Yes, we invested into AC, few months before and I’m damn happy! 36C (97F) outside and a nice mellow 21C (70F) inside!!! When the heat pours so strong from the sky, I can only think about ice cream… My favourite is Big Milk from Algida… cos it reminds me of my childhood favourite BAMBINO – mmmmhhh vanilla cream… But but but… no creamy ice cream from the store cos they contain tons of white sugar, which really I try to avoid. Some time ago, I posted awesome goey diet banana ice cream… couldn't believe it was so tasty and so guilt free… This time I didn't have bananas, so I raided my freezer and I found a pound bag of frozen strawberries… yummy! I thought and left if for 20 minutes on the counter. Did some boring chores, like loading washer and re-arranging pantry shelves then came back and just made my huge portion of cold strawberry delight.


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