Childhood pleasure

Childhood pleasure

Childhood pleasure

I believe everyone of us have a dish that has it’s origins in our childhood. Something that you loved at 6 years old and love the same way now. For me it is a vegetarian meal, that my fathers grandmother brought from her home town Poznan. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s filling. And the biggest pleasure is, you can eat it with your hands 😉 I don’t know why but I like to eat with my hands and this is the meal I can do it legitimately without looking for a lame excuse 0_o.

This time I’m not going to give you the amount of ingredients cos as you will notice it’s easily  adjustable for the amount of people. Remember one thing it’s extremely filling, I’m usually able to eat 3 medium potatoes 0_o.

I remember when I served my beloved potatoes and cream cheese for one of our first meals with Cookies… damn jackass was bitching and moaning and didn’t even want to try it traditional way and being a dick, he wanted to change everything without even trying… he pissed me off so bad I started screaming at him and tossing hot potatoes… that was the first time I threw hot food at him 0_o Now he eats it how I make, though I nicely ask if he will be able to digest cheese with chives 😉 I learned and he did to 0_o.

cream cheese
natural yogurt
salt. pepper
and any veggie you want to see in the cheese, like radishes, colorful pepper, onion, chives green cucumber etc. only one condition – it can’t be sweet. needs to be salty and spicy 😉
butter or margarine if you please

Preparations and serving
With this meal serving is as important as preparations ;-). Boil potatoes with skin until soft. While it’s cooking prepare cream cheese. In a bowl mix cheese with some yogurt to make cheese looser and more moist. Spice with salt and pepper to taste. Cube tiny other veggies you choose, mix thoroughly and set aside. Prepare table – put salt and butter, then pot with hot potatoes and bowl with cheese. Give everyone a plate and a knife and EAT ;-). All who likes this dish has their own technique. I like to peel potatoes while very hot, slice thick, salt a little bit, toss scrap of butter and then in the end big splash of veggie cream cheese – then by hand to mouth, DAMN IT’S GOOOOOD ;-). Remember it’s filling!

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other

P.S. Cookies just said at least no flying potatoes this time 0_o – whiny bitch hahahaha

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