A Winner Dinner

107 winner dinner

I’ve had so many things to do lately that I really didn’t even have time to explore my favorite world of food. But since I have my time off I could slow down and think what I want to make today. My inspiration comes from Cookies this time, because he mentioned lately he would like traditional baked potatoes, but I know I made it once with salmon, soooooo I started thinking. What goes good with pots? BACON! What goes good with pots and bacon? CHEESE!! Add a couple other yummy ingredients and you have a winner dinner.

Actually its very easy, just the pots were hard and hollowing with a teaspoon was a little annoying 0_o I believe I need another tool for that…  (or someone else, maybe named COOKIES???!!!)

Chix has different parts too, you know?

93 stewed chix

Previous Saturday I had  just woken up, when Cookies was going out to work and by his sophisticated goodbye I heard: what are we eating today WOMAN? just lovely, when you wake up groggy after a Friday night marathon of Danny Trejo movies 0_o Unfortunately I shouldn’t repeat my answer, but you can simply imagine, it was in polish and really rude. And of course, I heard the bastards evil laugh on the stairs. I snuggled back to my pillow and tried to catch another 15 min but Sam The Lab had another idea for my morning, He came to my bed, climbed on and stuck his cold nose on the base of my neck and poked me, like saying walk me mommieeee or more likely feed meee mommieee. I had to get up and just start my day at 7am on Saturday… After I dealt with Mr Dog, I went to the freezer to check what do I have, and well, there was a lot of stuff but I didn’t feel inspired. Either way I had to go to the store for my favourite hot dogs, so I decided I will get the inspiration there. Thankfully it was still early so the store wasn’t too crowded and my favourite lady was working the counter, so I could procrastinate as much as I felt like. She even tried to help but I didn’t feel like baked chicken or pork loin cutlets. Felt like something we didn’t eat for long. Then she said it: Chicken has other parts too, you know, not only breasts… BINGO in that split second I knew what I will make, chix legs stewed in a creamy sauce… on rice (didn’t feel like peeling pots o_o), and mizeria…

Cookies in picnic mood…

90 potatoe salad


Well, Cookies never was subtle, and this time he used friends on FB to poke me in the eye and make me write another post. And yeah, he succeeded 0_o.

So, couple weeks ago, we were entertaining in the Burrow, yeah since we moved in 2 years ago it was first time! Not counting my Dad, who came couple times for dinner ;-). I think it was 4th of July week or one week later and we invited our 3rd floor, sorry 4TH FLOOR neighbours for some food, beer and fun. This is the time we made the peanut butter chocolates 😉 oh yeah baby!

Since Cookies was in the picnic mood (4th of July) we made baked wings and potato salad + the chocolates and of course beer, chippies and salty snacks etc. Everybody can make good wings… just don’t burn them 0_o. But good potato salad is different thing. It’s all about balance. The perfect combination of ingredients that don’t overwhelm the others… I think we managed 😉 The next day I took leftovers to work and it ROCKED!!