Feta Pulpetki, disaster or success?


Feta Pulpetki, disaster or success?

As today is Sunday, I wanted to shine in the kitchen and make something completely new plus that was very vegetarian… I was deliberating if I should post it, but since I’m not a fancy chef I’m prone to mistakes. Yes, I made a huge mistake, though I don’t know where 0_o? Maybe I kept the ingredients too short in the fridge? Maybe a lack of egg inside or outside? Enough to say, that the taste was good… but the look and consistency left a lot of space for improvement. Idea is very easy: potatoes and feta cheese mixed and formed into small balls, then fried. However I didn’t expect it to melt THAT MUCH while frying though… a small downside you could say 0_o. Cookies said the same and rated the meal 7 out of 10 so I believe it’s not that bad. But I’m not 100% pleased of myself and this is the state I like very much! Maybe one of you will have more luck or experience to succeed with this meal.

2 big potatoes
1 box feta cheese (270g)
2 shallots
2 eggs
¼ of a red bell pepper
2 tbsp sesame seeds
flour or breadcrumbs for coating
black pepper, thyme, oregano

Boil the potatoes with the skin on till soft, then put aside and let it cool. I suggest doing it like in the morning… while I’m writing this, I’m thinking that can be part of the problem I used it still warm and soft 0_o. Mix the feta with potatoes and 1 egg until smooth. Dice shallots and fry them until golden brown on a tiny amount of oil. Cube red bell pepper. Mix all ingredients together, try to see if it needs salt, note: that feta is salty itself. Spice it up with black pepper, a pinch of thyme and oregano. Knead together again. Put for at least 30 min to the fridge – probably longer – but I couldn’t wait – as usual. Form small balls, put into whipped egg then into a mix of bread crumbs and sesame seeds then fry until golden brown, serve with any salad you please.

Hope one of you will dare to make it and let me know if it worked better 😉 You can contact me on twitter or gmail.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other 0_o

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