Tasty gold

109 spectacular duck

Since I got my halogen oven I wanted to bake a DUCK. Yes, big, fat duck I remember my Mom was making it occasionally stuffed with apples and served with red cabbage salad. Actually my first memory about baked duck comes from early childhood – I think I was what 6? My Dad took me to the extended family farm and I tasted duck there.

So, when one of the popular food chains had a good offer for fresh duck I battled with Cookies about making it for a nice Sunday dinner. He was kicking and screaming (as usual I may add) but he had to give up, when I showed him my two best attributes… So to make sure that I would bake it absolutely perfect, I first called Mom 😉 then I browsed the internet to know what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to bake, but with it I didn’t want to take chance I screw up something. 0_o

This recipe is the result of what I like and what works good with duck. In the end of the process you will have a gorgeous, aromatic duck with plenty of duck grease in the bottom of the pan or halogen oven bowl. Don’t toss it, pour it into a bowl and keep it covered in the fridge to use for frying pork chops… there is nothing better than pork chops fried in duck grease. For some reason it gives the meat an extra kick.

Traditional Beetroot Soup

64 beetroot soup

I was talking lately to my Mom about times when I was a kid and the foods I liked and vehemently hated. She told me something that was a big surprise to me – that I hated every red food. Meaning I couldn’t stand my beloved beetroots!! I remembered that I wasn’t a fan of tomato soup or cooked carrots but I didn't remember the time that I didn’t like either creamy side dish beetroots or the red borszcz (beetroot soup). It’s actually inconceivable for me. I love beets!!! 0_o. Even more remarkable that Cookies ate this soup for the first time last December 0_o. Additionally beets are rich source of antioxidants and minerals like: magnesium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C. They also contain BETAINE that is very important for your cardiovascular health, as it helps to keep your vessels in good condition. So conclusion is tasty, and healthy therefore, must eat 😉 Today I present a recipe for a very rich in flavor beetroot soup that I learned to make it from my Mom, who is beetroot food specialist. The soup has a wonderful red color, and smells of mayoran.