Delicious Side Dish

94 bread cheese fingers

I’m constantly harassed by Cookies for making rice, pots, or the infamous couscous (w/cucumbers) to accompany our dinners, that he is tired of it, dearly 0_o. The bitching about it, also annoyed me… dearly 0_o but made me also look deeper into food that accompanies meat and veggs. In The Mullen Household veggies are an absolute must, and there is no time that I don’t have a wide variety of veggies in the fridge and cupboards. I won’t be lecturing about how healthy it is, because we all know everything about it. But, but, but, veggies aren’t the main topic this time. actually some dietitian probably would try to lynch me for posting this recipe, but man…. this is so damn good. Nothing to eat often, maybe once every 6 or so months 0_o, Just worth waiting. I don’t know how many calories it has but definitely not as much as the infamous Snickers pie by Antony Worrall Thompson, but also full of bad carbs. So try it, enjoy it and forget it for at least half a year.

I made one attempt to go healthy and I used whole grain bread 😉 No worries thats just a patch for an open wound 0_o.


1st Anniversary of Magda Cooks

81 herb garden

I just can’t believe how fast time flies… I just started blogging and now we have our 1st year behind us. I was thinking what to write about and while I was debating, I looked through my kitchen window and just knew my topic instantly.

2 weeks ago we had to make a necessary purchase in one of the home depots in the neighbourhood. On the way in they had a whole garden section displayed outside, with all these stands with flowers, bushes and herbs. I’ve always wanted to have my own garden with fresh veggies and herbs, but since I'm living in a small apartment, I had to keep dreaming. Well, for sure? When we passed this garden section I decided I’m not leaving before I have at least something to plant in the pots.

We made our shopping and while leaving I told Cookies I’m not going before I get my needs fulfilled… I bought a big, long pot, put Cookies into the line to cash out, and run to pick my plants. Was looking for coriander and basil but ended with thyme, rosemary and the 3rd one I didn't know what was actually, I just hoped it’s eatable 0_o. Then in the line Cookies said… well I think you need some soil, woman 0_o. Uh Oh indeed and I made him run to find not so big bag ;-).

Leaving the store I was happy like a pig in the mud… after we came back I started playing with my new purchases. Believe me, I never planted crap before so I was kind of lost but as it’s shows it worked.. though I made such mess that Cookies almost got a freaking heart attack… soil was everywhere… on the counter, floor, me 0_o. I think I used all the silverware but here it is, my little herb garden on the windowsill ;-).

Now after couple weeks it’s growing like crazy, thyme almost went outside and the oregano (it was oregano actually) is climbing almost to the ceiling… I love it extremely much and try to utilize it as much as possible.

The best recipe for this is my tossed potatoes. My first idea about this side dish I got from Hare Krishna cookbook I purchased a long time ago, until now I changed this recipe plenty of times and the end result is what Cookies likes the most.


Magda’s Way Beef Stew

80 beef stewAs time progresses we are taught different things by our parents. It happens that certain stuff is the domain of Moms, and the others are of Dads 😉 And in my case it was the same, my Mom taught me how to cook and Dad taught me how to pitch a tent, put a worm on the hook, then how to clean a fish. I still call my Mom anytime I need advice though our cooking styles are completely different. But there is one exception – my Dad taught me how to cook perfect beef stew. He doesn’t cook much but what he makes is extraordinary. Cookies still loves Dads style fish a’la greek 😉

With the beef stew I was put on the spot when I was about 17? Because I went with Dad and the Uncle to the Uncle’s house in the Masurian Lakes. I was the only one at the time to be able to cook – since guys was working hard on cleaning the terrain of the property from leftovers of previous owner, who liked to stash broken stuff in the ground 0_o. They were also building outside stuff, like a small pier on the lake or table and sitting benches outside.

I just got informed I’m cooking beef stew and was introduced to 1,5 kg of beef ½ kg of white onions and had to create a dinner for 5 hard working men and myself… You can imagine I was kind of freaked out… At the time I could make pork chops and certain soups, meatballs with potatoes and a salad… But I didn’t know crap about beef or beef stews at all. So I ran to my Dad and with his guidance I made perfect stew and fed the men really good. I still remember the pride I felt when I served the dish, and got appreciation noises… I think that was the first time I started thinking the cooking is my favourite thing to do and I want to cook more!

My version of beef stew evolved over the years, as I ate different dishes, and I think my own is the closest to hungarian Seged Gulas – which is prepared with root veggies. I modified it to our liking and I would like to share this filling recipe with all of you on Magda Cooks.

Cookies Shepherd’s Pie

Cookies Shepherds Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Sort of Meat Pie but with Potatoes. You could easily make this with pastry crust and it would be like a ground beef pot pie… sort of. Anyway, we like a lot of vegetables and I try to utilise as many as I can, when I am called upon to do the “dirty” no, not that, NOR, washing the dishes… but when Magda Cooks, doesn't cook and Cookies gets to cook. More like IS MADE too, but I like too as well, as generally, by rule, I do stuff she does not. Henceforth, good.

Todays recipe is an easy one, not much goes into this, and can be done a number of different ways actually. I will present to you, the way I do it, but I will also try to show you some alternatives too. Basically its potatoes with mixed vegetables, and a gravy sauce from ground beef. Sounds easy? Well, guess what IT IS.